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Apr 1, 2019 2 min read

Intelec AI

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Last year I started working on a project, Intelec AI, which aims at automating building and deploying machine learning models. It is an ambitious project and has potential to help thousands of companies to benefit from Machine learning by automating their machine learning workflow. For example, Intelec AI can help you automate your Quality Check by simply training a machine learning model with images of good and defective products, without you needing to write any code or having any knowledge in machine learning.

Machine learning is hard

The problem is, machine learning is hard and not affordable for most businesses. In order to be a good machine learning engineer, you should

  • have good theoretical knowledge
  • be good at coding
  • have experience with correct tools
  • learn new techniques and tools continuously, because the field is moving very fast

Good machine learning engineers are difficult to find

Since machine learning is a relatively new field, there are not enough people with required skill set yet. On the other hand, demand for machine learning skills is growing very fast, because AI algorithms are becoming powerful engough to have impact in a lot of industries. At the moment, only big and rich companies can hire good machine learning engineers and keep them in the company for a long time.

How many companies can build a machine learning infrastructure?

Building a decent machine learning infrastructure with GPU server farm and well-defined model traning and deployment workflows is a dream of even many big enterprises. Only top tech companies have enough money and talent to build such an infrastructure.

Intelec AI can help you a lot

Intelec AI solves above problems by providing easy-to-use subscription based platform to automate training and deployment of machine learning models.

We also update our AI algorithms continuously according to latest advancements in the field. By doing this, we’re trying to close the gap between AI research and industry applications.

In summary, Intelec AI helps you in all of the following fields:

Intleec AI value proposition

Intelec AI in action

Please watch the following video to see how Intelec AI works.

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