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Track how many times docker image was pulled

Hey, everyone. I recently recently tried to get statistics about how many people pull the docker images of Intelec AI from Docker Hub by time.

Intelec AI

Last year I started working on a project, Intelec AI, which aims at automating building and deploying machine learning models. It is an ambitious project and has potential to help thousands of companies to benefit from Machine learning by automating their machine learning workflow.

Simple Image Classification With Keras

In my previous blog post, I classified CIFAR10 image data set using Tensorflow. I had to write a lot of code and the accuracy was not satisfactory for me.

Enable HTTPS for free on your website running on Tomcat

Recently, the SSL certificate for my website was going to expire. Instead of paying and renewing the certificate, I decided to change to Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, which is for free.

Image Classification With Tensorflow for Beginners

Image classification Image Classification problem is the task of assigning an input image one label from a fixed set of categories. This is one of the core problems in Computer Vision that has a large variety of practical applications.

Deep Learning in a Mobile Phone

Recently, I developed an android application to demonstrate usage of machine learning (image recognition, in this case) in mobile phones. It is called “Detectron”. I built a deep neural network architecture that runs directly on an android phone and trained it with Tensorflow.